Bottling Completed!

2 thoughts on “Bottling Completed!”

  1. Looking forward to 2010 vintages of William Crossing Chardonay and Pinot Noir. Just had a 2006 William Crossing Pinot Noir for lunch and thoroughly enjoyed it. On xmas day we greatly enjoyed a Curly Flat Pinot 2004. So about whent will 2010 vintages be ready for sale do you think? Thanks Jenny.


    1. Thanks for the post Jenny! Very happy to see you kept some 2006 WX Pinot & 2004 CF Pinot in the cellar, both great vintages that are reflective of their respective growing years. Even happier that they didn’t disappoint! In regards to the 2010 vintages, both Williams Crossing Pinot & Chardonnay are available now and are drinking well. As for the respective Curly Flat releases, the Chardonnay will be roughly mid this year and the Pinot Noir will Feb-March next year. But the 2009 CF Pinot will be released in the next 1-2 weeks. Grab some if you can as it’s superb but unfortunately scarce due to a small crop in 2009, so it won’t last. Check out the review currently on the Blog. Thanks again for the feedback Jenny, happy drinking!


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