Fertigating the Vineyard

As we head into the crucial phase of flowering, a top up of the trace elements is sometimes required due to the specific demands of the vine within the relatively small window in which flowering occurs. Through our drip irrigation system we release a nutrient rich emulsion of seaweed and fish that is further charged with Biodynamic preparations 502 through to 507.  But as like a multivitamin is no substitute for a healthy diet, fertilisers are not a substitute for inherently fertile and healthy soils.

One of the main reasons for choosing our vineyard site is the rich red volcanic soils that now give our vines and their roots unhindered access to a wealth of primary nutrients.  Since then we have made further gains over the years with our cessation of all herbicides, which in turn has seen an eventual return of native grasses and a phenomenal increase in organic matter which now teems with life.  We’ll show a photo of that soon!