Fruit set, so far so good…

As we’ve mentioned fruit set is an important time in any vineyard as it determines the maximum potential crop there’ll be for the coming vintage.  We are happy to report that we are currently at around 60% completion of fruit set, where the flowers have successfully pollinated and developed their seeds along with the protective covering we all know as grape skins.

While healthy fruit set is vitally important it also needs an equally healthy canopy to drive it, and currently that’s just what we have.  All the photos above were taken yesterday (12/12) by our Vineyard Manager, Lisa and illustrate the verdant canopy punctuated with a balance of tall shoots. The centre photo shows the leaf size in comparison to Lisa’s hand which makes the leaf length around 18cm and around 12cm in diameter, telling us this is a productive canopy indeed. With our deep rich soils being activated by this and last years rain and having been recently bolstered by biodynamic fertiliser, we can’t say were surprised.

But it is still early days for us and it’s not say that it’s been a doddle up till now, as most growers will attest to the heightened threat of mildews due to still relatively moist and humid conditions.  Although at this stage it isn’t on the scale of 2011, there will always continue to be challenges, so we always endeavour to be prepared for both best and worst case scenarios…hopefully the former!