2009 Curly Flat Release Dinners

As we all know wine is best enjoyed with great food.  To highlight this fact were holding several dinners over the next few months to showcase the new release 2009 Curly Flat Pinot Noir. We’ll also be showing three older vintages of Pinot (’01, ‘03 & ‘05), which serves as a great opportunity to see the youthful splendor of vibrant fruit and at once, how with age, our wines sublime gracefully into a more complex and rarefied savoury expression of top Pinot Noir.

Bolstering further an already insightful event you’ll also see our current Curly Flat Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio and Rosé.  Wines that have each been identified as prime examples of varietal or stylistic expression by critics and consumers alike.

Melbourne Dinner @ Sosta Cucina – Wednesday, 29 February 2012  $135p/person

From the heart of Northern Italy to the heart of North Melbourne, Sosta Cucina delivers fine cuisine with warm and familiar service.  Please make bookings through Sosta Cucina on 03 9329 2882.

Sydney Dinner @ Bei Amici  – Sunday, 4 March 2012  $135 p/person

Located in Sydney’s Darling Point, Bei Amici is a boutique Swiss Italian restaurant with a fine range of provincial dishes.  Bookings through Bei Amici on 02 9328 0305.

Harvest Lunch @ Curly Flat – April 2012  Date & Price: TBC

Harvest this year will see a Pinot release lunch in our 1880’s homestead, Vintage Hall. Worth it for the dining experience alone but harvest is also a great time to visit Curly Flat.  Come and see the activity in the winery whilst gaining further insights into our story and our vineyard based approach to wine making.