Bird is the word

In keeping birds away from our ripening fruit in the vineyard we haven’t used any protective netting for several years.  Instead we employ a multi-faceted campaign, spearheaded by our bird deterrence system.  This works by first creating a perimeter around the vineyard created by a network of four radar towers, which both transmits and receives signals to create the boundary. As the boundary is broken by birds specifically (the system knows the difference!), a range of specific distress signals erupt in a cacophonous symphony.  Also multiple gas guns lay down some heavy aural artillery for good measure. With this more psychological approach to bird deterrence, we begin to train the birds to stay away.  But as mentioned our radar system is only the front line of our defence.  Check out our video to see & hear (sorry about the gas guns!) how this multifaceted approach enables us to see that the last grape is picked and not pecked!

To deactivate the border that is obscuring the text, just hover the mouse pointer over the video briefly and then back off again or if you can, play it in full screen mode.

Click here for the suppliers website with more specific info on B.I.R.D.S. (bird intercepting radar deterrence system, not it’s real name, but i like it!)