Vintage 2012 – Harvest completed!

Now that all grapes are picked and are in the winery, we can really say that we have brought in harvest of not only significant quantity but more importantly significant quality.

Congratulations to the Curly Flat Vineyard team for bringing in another wonderful harvest that will soon be captured in barrel and then ultimately in bottle a year or two from now!

But by no means is our vintage over.  We still have to see all of our ferments home in the winery, as all of our Chardonnay is still in some stage of fermentation, whilst our Pinot Noir ferments are finishing gracefully are now being pressed and married to oak.

Then with our warm room we will guide most, if not all of our wines through Malolactic fermentation.  All Pinot Noir will go through this process, but not always the Chardonnay as the nature of the vintage can dictate the percentage we allow to go through and what we do not.  We’ll make these decisions very soon.

But enough talk and now we’ll let the pictures below speak their obligatory thousand words.  Thanks again for reading and for your interest in Curly Flat as we hone our pursuit for world class wines.  Happy drinking (or cellaring)!