Celebrate Winter’s return with Curly Flat at the Stokehouse…

As the cooling weather of Autumn returns to us and with Winter just around the corner, we find comfort and warmth in all manner of ways.  One of the most joyous manifests itself in the form of partnering great food to great wine.  We wish to celebrate this aspect of the coming Winter with you at the Stokehouse in St.Kilda, who with their relaxed chic, will provide you with the perfect culinary backdrop to explore our wines of vintages both current and old.  And whilst Pinot Noir is the natural partner to these cooler months, here we’ll also be highlighting how well our Rosé, Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay does when matched with warming food. This may sound good but it promises to taste even better!  Here are both the event and degustation details:

When:             7.00pm, 5th of June

Cost:               $150 p/person

Where:           Stokehouse, 30 Jacka Boulevard, St Kilda

All Bookings: Via Stokehouse on (03) 9525 5555


Jamondal Gran Reserva Serrano ham, Victorian olives
Curly Flat Rosé, 2011

Jerusalem artichoke soup, pickled pearl onions, swiss chard, lardo
Curly Flat Pinot Grigio, 2011

Seared Atlantic scallops, cauliflower, dukkah, caper and raisin sauce
Curly Flat Chardonnay, 2010
Curly Flat Chardonnay, 2006

King quail supreme, salted grapes, grilled treviso, beetroot, aged balsamic
Curly Flat Pinot Noir, 2009
Curly Flat Pinot Noir, 2007

Kurabuta pork loin and braised cheek, baby cos, sherry glaze, golden nugget pumpkin

Curly Flat Pinot Noir, 2005
Curly Flat Pinot Noir, 2003

Cheese served with muscatels, fig jam and walnut bread

Curly Flat Chardonnay, 2005
Curly Flat Pinot Noir, 2001

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