Pruning well under way…

Pruning has been under way for 6 weeks now and as the very cornerstone of our endeavours, this makes it anything but a menial task.  Here is where a vintage truly begins as the framework is set, vine by vine.  Whilst we have 33 acres of vines to prune, our double sided Lyre Trellis makes it effectively 66 acres under foot!  This takes our stoic team around 3 months to get from one side to the other, in readiness for bud burst.

As it is winter, the weather can at times be quite unappealing but this fact is sometimes further exaggerated by our already cool climate.  Our altitude of over 500 metres can lead to higher wind, rain, sleet and sometimes snow, but the adage that ‘nothing good comes easy’ is epitomised here!

In the following weeks we’ll post pictures of the major stages of how we cane prune our vines at Curly Flat.  This will also highlight elements our Lyre Trellis system.

Stay pruned!