From vine to wine to online!

With our attention normally fixed in the direction of the vineyard, it was time to turn our gaze towards updating our website, so it could further reflect our story, as well as add features you now come to expect.

Now with more information such as tasting notes, we aim to add to this over time. While tasting notes for our current releases are now available, we plan to track the bottle life of our wines, to see how they’re progressing and offer our suggestions on when it may be optimal to open. Beware, we are likely to say there drinking well 10 years plus in most cases! But you are your best critic, we only want to offer more information for your own personal decision making.  There aren’t always definite answers and in part that’s what makes wine is such a great story, rich with its unique revelations, that contribute to the next experience.

We have now added the ability to order online, offering the same secure and prompt service we’ve always provided.  The online store is also a good way to see what our current releases are, which can include limited offers like our current Curly Flat History Packs.  Most of these wines are also available for tasting at our Cellar Door.

Have a look around the site, and when you can come back from time to time.  We’ll continue to update and add content such as, events, photos and information about our wines and our story.

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