Curly Flat coming to Grossi Florentino 22nd of July…


Curly Flat comes to Grossi Florentino Degustation Menu

22nd July, 4 courses, 7 wines – $160 p/person

For BOOKINGS & Enquiries, call Grossi Florentino on  03 9662 1811



Tapioca, Apple, Celery, Yarra Valley Caviar, Yuzu

2010 Curly Flat Chardonnay & 2011 Curly Flat Chardonnay



Candied Pear

  2008 Curly Flat Pinot Noir & 2010 Curly Flat Pinot Noir


Abbacchio alla romana

Wet roasted suckling lamb, tomato, white wine, sage,

rosemary, garlic, breadcrumbs and parmesan.

2007 Curly Flat Pinot Noir & 2009 Curly Flat Pinot Noir



Époisses de Bourgogne, Spiced Fig, Stollen

2010 Curly Flat “The Curly” Pinot Noir


Chris Shanahan on our 2011 Williams Crossing releases…

Williams Crossing by Curly Flat Macedon Chardonnay 2011 $24

WC1 lay down

“Curly Flat makes some of Australia’s most exciting, complex chardonnays. The second label, Williams Crossing, comprises material declassified from the Curly Flat label. But even these “offcuts” have been completely barrel fermented and matured, with all the hands-on winemaking attention of its more expensive cellar mate. That means one of the best value chardonnays on the market. In the cool 2011 vintage it’s perhaps a little leaner and tighter than usual with attractive grapefruit and melon varietal flavours woven through the rich barrel-derived texture. At two years’ age it’s brilliantly young and fresh, suggesting further evolution in bottle.”  

For our own tasting note please click here.

Williams Crossing by Curly Flat Macedon Pinot Noir 2011 $25

WXp11 lay down

“Curly Flat’s second label, Williams Crossing, is lighter bodied and paler coloured, but that was to be expected in such a cold vintage. Despite its comparative lightness, the 2011 delivers concentrated, definitive pinot flavour with a backbone of firm, fine tannins.”

For our tasting note please click here.

Courtesy of Chris Shanahan  Australian wine & beer judge, writer and connoisseur

Shortest day turns out to be the coldest! (so far)

We’ve had some good frosts this week at Curly Flat culminating in the hardest this morning where it got down to -5, poetically coinciding with the winter solstice.  Here are some photos from around the vineyard this morning that highlight we’re one of the coolest viticultural regions in Australia.


Curly Flat’s Vintage Hall (our cellar door) sees the ‘cold’ light of day


Frost hairs on the lyre trellis


um, that’s cold!


Frozen spider webbing


Watch your step!


Lyre, Lyre, certainly not on fire!


Formerly known as grass

icing on the vine IMG_1252

Curly Flat comes to Cecconi’s July 1st – Degustation Menu

CF Cecconis Dinner

Date:  1st July 2013    Location: 61 Flinders Lane Melbourne Vic 3000  

Cost: $150.00 per person    Seating is limited, early bookings are essential.

Call for bookings on 03 8663 0500 or pay online.


Appetizer / 1st Entree

Caramelised Scallops, pumpkin fondant, porcini, capers, chicken jus

2010 & 2011 Curly Flat Chardonnay


2nd Entree:

Ravioli with braised rabbit, creamed beet leaves, shaved parmesan

2007 & 2009 Curly Flat Pinot Noir



Herb crusted Lamb rack with braised neck, white bean and tomato ragu

2008 & 2010 Curly Flat Pinot Noir



Formaggi – Cheese with apple and raisin chutney, quince paste and crackers

2010 Curly Flat “The Curly” Pinot Noir


Vintage 2013 in barrel, Vintage 2014 is underway…

Now that the dust from Vintage 2013 has settled, we can now look back.

This harvest was the most contracted, in terms of the time taken between our first and last pick, since full production began in 2004.  By full production we mean when each of our 7 blocks each began producing wine grapes simultaneously, which usually takes up to 4 years from initial planting.  This years narrow picking window was not unique to our vineyard, but for the majority of viticultural Australia.  Nonetheless, our crop was kept in balance with the seasons particular ebb and flow which ultimately delivered fruit to the winery at an optimal balance between sugar (alcohol potential) and natural acidity.   Now that all wine is settled in barrel (or tank) for maturation, we are now getting a glimpse of what is ahead in terms of potential.  Whilst the road that lays ahead of these wines remains long, early indications are promising.  The last element missing from the wine now, is time, and for the only thing for that is to wait!  But as our custodial role in the winery continues, albeit at a calmer pace compared to harvest, the same cannot be said for the vineyard.  Although the vines are now dormant, we enter one of our busiest times in the vineyard with pruning. Marking the beginning of Vintage 2014,  correct, balanced, pruning sets the vine up for the best possible start come bud burst in September, and also well into the growing season.  Balanced vine equals balanced wine!  Pruning started this year on May the 29th.  We’ll post more on pruning and its importance in the coming weeks.

But to wrap up this Vintage just passed, we would like give special mention to the vintage crew of 2013.  Come to our cellar door and we’ll invariably talk about what a great team we have, who work day in, day out, to especially high standards, which we feel, reflects in the wine. Come to think of it might be fair to say we equally bottle passion as we do wine (if there’s a difference!)  But each vintage, to varying degrees, we need a few helping hands and this year we had one of the most diverse, yet wonderfully integrated vintage crews since being in the business.  We mentioned diverse, as the crew came from all over the world, Phillip described it as being akin to the United Nations.  With one major difference though, everyone got along!  Thanks for being part of our excellent team, whether it was in the vineyard or winery, or both.  An outstanding vintage is only made possible by an outstanding team. Well done, Bravo, 勇敢な & braver!

“The United Nations” were comprised as follows:

  • Louis       (France)
  • Pam         (USA)
  • Florence  (France)
  • Blair         (AUS)
  • Serge      (Switzerland)
  • Ilaria         (Italy)
  • Nicola      (France)
  • Sarah      (Japan)
  • Daniel     (Italy)

From L to R: Lisa (CF), James (CF), Ilaria, Damien (CF), Sarah, Chris McK (CF) Lisa (CF Vineyard Manager), Nicola, Chris D (CF), Louis & Jenny (CF). At the front right is Daniel & Luke (CF). Thanks also go to the many hands that are not in this photo, too many to mention!



97 points for 2011 Curly Flat Chardonnay – Gourmet Wine Traveller, May 2013

2011 CF ChardonnayEDIT



As they say, nothing good comes easy.  With our 2011 vintage, that well worn adage transcended from philosophy to fact.  Despite 2011 being our most challenging vintage to date, we have managed to grow and craft some of our finest wines to date.  But that’s all fine for us to believe that, but nothing beats what you think or how a wine is actually received by the wine community.  So here is Bob Campbell MW & Huon Hooke’s perspective on our 2011 CF Chardonnay, courtesy of Gourmet Wine Traveller

2011 Curly Flat Chardonnay, Macedon Ranges Review

“Bright, light yellow colour; very subtle restrained aromas, fresh and citrusy, the oak is almost invisible.  In the mouth it’s precise and fine, long and refreshing.  A superb wine with a long future.”  97 Points  Cellar for: 9 years 

The 2011 Curly Flat Chardonnay will be officially released in August 2013.