On the run again!

Click above to see a video of the bottling of our 2011 Curly Flat Chardonnay.

On the bottling run that is!  Last week we bottled our 2011 Curly Flat Chardonnay, a vintage that has not only produced some exciting wines, but also provided for our greatest challenge “yet” viticulturally speaking.  On this we are far from alone as the intense wet and humid conditions of 2011 affected all viticultural areas on the Australian east coast for that year.  Despite this adversity we feel we’ve made some of our best wines to date and it is a testament to our site and to the dedication of our vineyard crew, that we have to sometimes remind ourselves it was such a difficult vintage.

And as no vintage is truly complete until it’s safely in the bottle, we’ll always enjoy bottling for this reason.  This isn’t say the bottling run itself cannot be arduous or is in itself a blast, but when we consider the level of commitment and care through all stages of the resulting wines life, we ultimately bottle with a sense of deep satisfaction which is felt throughout the entire team.  Also it is our multi-skilled vineyard crew, who guided the fruit from the vineyard into the winery, who work the bottling line ensuring the same continuity of quality is upheld from vine to wine. Well done guys!

Next up we’ll be bottling the 2011 Curly Flat Pinot Noir early next year.  This won’t released until 2014, but it is already shaping up as a hauntingly beautiful, intensely fragrant and fine boned expression with great length and carry.  The 2011 Chardonnay will be released mid next year to allow for some bottle development.  For a preview of these wines, keep your eye out the 2011 Williams Crossing wines, as they’ll continue their trademark ‘crossing’ of where value intersects with true varietal expression.

Bottling Completed!

The only thing that beats getting fruit in the shed is getting the wine in the bottle!

We just completed our mid-year bottling which this year consisted of five wines, the 2010 Williams Crossing Pinot Noir and Chardonnay and then three wines from the 2011 vintage our Curly Flat Pinot Grigio, White Pinot & Rose.

Check out the Curly Flat Winery section of the blog for a video of the Williams Crossing 2010 Pinot Noir being bottled!

When bottling we use Premium Estate Bottlers, a mobile bottling production line ingeniously housed within the length of a semi-trailer. As they come to us, our wine never leaves the premises, meaning we eliminate any risk in comprising the integrity of our wine. Also outside of the two engineers maintaining the equipment, the line is manned by our own experienced staff which of whom have the highest of standards.

All the wines from this bottling bar the 2010 Williams Crossing Pinot Noir, will be released later in the year. But they will probably be available prior to the official launch exclusively at our Cellar Door. Check the Cellar Door page on this site to see the wines that are currently on for tasting. So either way, be sure to look out for the release of these summer wines.

Our next bottling will be the 2010 Curly Flat Chardonnay this October 🙂