Curly Flat Winery

This video shows our Peristaltic pump in action as we transfer our 2010 Curly Flat Pinot Noir from barrel to tank.  The central arm and it rollers press against the flexible tubing transferring the wine via peristalsis, principally the same natural force that moves food down our oesophagus.  This results in the wine being handled very gently as it doesn’t use the usual impeller in standard pumps that beats the wine along to it’s destination.  Also, the loud noise you hear in this video is not coming from the pump but from a high pressure water unit connected to a barrel washer.  The Peristaltic pump hardly makes a noise!

Here we have Simon from Fine Weld cutting out a section of tank to put in a door allowing for further flexibility.

Below is a video of our last bottling run in August.  Follow the journey of bottles as they become our 2010 Williams Crossing Pinot Noir.  Our next bottling is the 2010 Curly Flat Chardonnay in October.

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